Wifi Handshake – What is Wi-Fi Handshake?

Fenan Nelx
1 Min Read

A Wi-Fi Handshake in network terms means an exchange of information between the client and access point. This information contains a variety of data that is encrypted. The information passed through WiFi signals is also called packets that contain encrypted data.

How can a be handshake captured?

A WiFi handshake can be captured by sending a de-authentication attack to a WiFi access point. A de-authentication attack is a type of attack which targets the communication between the router and the device. Simultaneously disconnecting the client and Effectively disabling the WiFi on the device. The encrypted data in the packets is sniffed and collected called a handshake. The de-authentication attack isn’t some special exploit of a bug. It’s a created protocol and is being used in real-world applications

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