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Company Description

Etihad Rail is a national railway network in the United Arab Emirates, established way back in June 2009. The main aim of this railway network is to connect the population with industry, making it easy for people to reach their workplaces and fostering development in the United Arab Emirates. The network is being constructed in two stages. Stage 1 has been completed and has been operating since January 2016, transporting over 22,000 tonnes of granulated sulfur daily. Stage 2 is still underway and will extend across the UAE, connecting to various borders with Saudi Arabia.

Etihad Rail is such a large organization that many people are connected to it. The employees of Etihad Rail come from different countries, promoting diversity within the organization. People are recruited regardless of differences in gender, color, race, or nationality. Therefore, everyone has an equal opportunity to start a job at Etihad Rail.