How to study effectively – Smarter tips to learn.

Fenan Nelx
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Always had a bad time thinking, trying to do make things work & ended up being frustrated about your learning methods. Well, studying effectively means different to every student as everyone has different abilities. Many students wonder why their new learning strategies aren’t reaping its benefits on the exam paper marks. A lot of students especially during transition to college from high school suffer huge changes in their studies & to cope up with this problem is to follow few tips mentioned below. Well, before continuing, a student must not fall victim of other useless circulated tips/strategies to improve their learning skills.

Pay attention during school classes

One of the most important tip every student fails to act upon is they are not fully concentrating on their studies without any anger or being anxious about something. Practice actively on what teacher teaches & speaks, writing down those notes which is being taught in the classroom & also making yourself equipped on how to write those notes in your own words later after the school hours.

Reading is not studying

Another misconception about learning is most students usually reads their textbooks & notes thoroughly. Reading plays an important role in pre-studies before the onset of exams but learning well requires some engagement strategies such as constructing the meaning of your notes to forming conceptual questions & examples, lectures & homeworks, say the information aloud in your own words as if you are the teacher instructing students while it doesn’t means highlighting the notes or texts, re-writing notes, re-reading etc.

Get organized & disciplined

Making yourself organized well for the exams depends on each single day you properly utilize & organize them accordingly. First, you need to set a desired target for studying & revision & to make sure not to waste your time on moving beyond the desired target. Second, you must prepare & complete your assignments, projects, homeworks up to date. Third, prepare yourself for any upcoming tests/exams.

Have your notes completed

Make sure your notes are clearly written & fully completed on time. If you have ever missed a class, you can talk to your teacher or friends to ensure that your notes are completed. You can also note down important points which could be useful for the exams & will assist you in revising your chapters & topics easily.

Study in intervals taking short breaks

Studying for more than half an hour (30 mins) will decrease your concentration on your studies. However, taking a short break such as physical exercises, chatting, browsing the internet & playing online video games after each study interval will help you better learn those topics in the long term.

Simplify your study notes

Highlight those useful answers, equations, key words, information etc which helps you to remember important key points. Creating visual aids such as outlines & charts helping you to simplify the notes & enables you to better learn it.

Choose a room for studying

You have wondered about it or not but studying in a room where you are free of useless noises which disturbs you terribly. Your room must be quiet, well neat & tidy. Also, you need to have your room well furnished for study the way which best suits for you.

Study with classmates & friends

Having your classmates & friends all around you studying creates an interactive & active environment to keep yourself focused & engaged on studies. It helps you to keep yourself productive, relieves stress & enhances each others confidence. It will have your intellectual being tested & helps to boost your knowledge content while also helping to better remember those stuff.

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