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ShareMe provides a quick and reliable sharing service from and to smartphones operating with a transfer speed of approximately 50 Mbps which is 200 times faster than in-built sharing technologies like Bluetooth. The app supports sharing a wide range of files ranging from Games, APKs, Documents to Images, Videos, and so on. Transferring files from one smartphone to another efficiently at anytime and anywhere has become a lot easier with digital smartphone applications enabling users to share and send all types of files with their friends or family members through smartphones at one tap. You don’t need to grab up a USB cable to connect your smartphone to PC typically for sharing files between the two devices.

Conversely, ShareMe has come with a user-friendly interface and some best features making it easier to use. All of your device’s files are sorted automatically into separate categories i.e. Files, Documents, Folders, Videos and Images, APKs, and Music for fast and quick utilization. Thus, you can easily search and locate out any of your files from directory. The sophisticated system of ShareMe enables users to rapidly transfer files either through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity. Which means that if you don’t have internet connection at the moment. No worries, your files will be still shared through Wi-Fi hotspot or Bluetooth connectivity. It is a P2P sharing tool devised for smartphones which permits sharing between nearby devices without any interruptions. Also, if the file transfer got interrupted inadvertently. You can easily resume it without having to start over again. All these features make ShareMe stand out in the race against its competitors like ShareIt, FilesGo, Nearby Share, etc. We recommend everyone to use these apps according to your needs. At the bottom of the article, a detailed comparison between these two apps are listed.

For this, there are some cool apps available nowadays, particularly for sharing purpose. Basically, transferring files from and to smartphones seems to be a complicated task. But don’t worry, there is a way to ultimately reach to your destination. Here, we will be presenting you one of the most popular app ShareMe perhaps many of you might be unaware of such an amazing app which was previously known as Mi Drop globally.

It requires Android 4.4 or up for installation. Additionally, it is only available to Android and Windows users. Nevertheless, it is a better sharing app to give a shot. That’s why we are here. So, in this article, we will be teaching you how the application works, and you gonna learn something clever today. Let’s begin with it.

How to use ShareMe

Transferring files will be halted if you are connected to a VPN (Virtual Private Network). You will be asked to turn off VPN access before continuing to share files.

→ Launch ShareMe on your smartphone to get started.

→ First, you will need to create a personal ShareMe nickname and select any one of the cartoon logo from the centered list or you can simply upload your selfie too. After doing so, tap on the Click button.

→ Grant special permissions access of location and storage to the application by tapping on the Set button to continue.

→ In the home, you will see two large round buttons namely Send and Receive. Tap the buttons accordingly.

If you want to ‘Send’ files. Then, scan the generated QR code of the receiving person or simply select the available nearby devices after your smartphone has successfully scanned them. When connected, files will be automatically shared to the preferred device instantly.

If you want to ‘Receive’ files. Then, the other person should connect with your smartphone either by Wi-Fi hotspot/Bluetooth connection or generated QR code. When you are receiving files, Wi-Fi hotspot and Bluetooth connection would be turned on simultaneously for better utilization. Also, your device will be disconnected from Wi-Fi.

How to Connect to a Computer

Before connecting to a computer, you will have to ensure that both the computer and phone are connected to the same internet connection. If you need let the display screen of your smartphone sleep during established connection. Simply, tap on the upper left ‘Settings’ button and turn off ‘Keep display awake’ button. Given below are the steps to it.

→ Tap the menu button located on the upper left of your screen.

→ Tap the first button ‘Connect to computer’.

Now, tap on the ‘Start’ button at the bottom of your screen.

→ A box will pop-up asking you to establish connection. Choose either ‘Portable’ (not secure) or ‘Password-protected’ connection type to proceed.

→ Then, select your mobile directory either choosing ‘SD-card’ or ‘Internal storage’ to continue.

→ Finally, a specific URL address will be generated, it is displayed at the bottom of your screen in white text with blue background box. Visit this URL address to access your smartphone’s directory instantly from computer.

ShareMe or ShareIt?

More than 350 million users around the globe have installed this application on their smartphone, which works somehow similar to the popular sharing app ShareIt. Both ShareMe and ShareIt has come with a user-friendly interface and plain theme. However, they differ from each other in few aspects such as ShareMe provides ads-free environment, is restricted to only Android and Windows platform and lastly the app provides a quick transfer speed of 50 MB/s. These characteristics are not available in ShareIt app. On the other hand, ShareIt has its own special characteristics which bags the app top position in sharing applications. Below is a complete comparison between the two applications.

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