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Snapdrop ⭐⭐NEW Advanced & Easy Web file transfer Platform. Easily share files in 1 click to different devices with QR code Technology No Downloading required. Works with Android, iPhone, Computer, IOS and other device. How to, What is ? Best Snapdrop Alternative

An ideal and super easy application ‘Snapdrop’ that can be used on any operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux, other devices etc. If you are looking for a way to transfer or share files instantly between two or more devices at same Wi-Fi (wi fi) network, that too a quick and safe method. Then, you are at the right place. Today, you will learn something new. There are alternatives of given below too if it doesn’t suits you.

What is Snapdrop?

Snapdrop Main Interface (Dark Theme)

Snapdrop is an open source online file sharing application allowing you to share and transfer files quickly from device-device through a local network or at same wifi network . Using the same local network, multiple nearby devices can also get connected to it. You don’t need to sign-up or link devices as we normally do in WhatsApp. No worries, it uses peer-peer encrypted connection similar to Whatsapp. This literally means files are sent and received only between the sender and recipient and none of third-party user. And there are no other devices in between your connection.

What’s good about Snapdrop?

While on the go, sometimes files needs to be shared or transferred from one device to another. At some instances, Wi-Fi or Data connectivity might not be available or in some cases drops and one may find difficulty reconnecting again. This is when Snapdrop don’t stops its functionality. Besides, it continues to cater ones needs. You may still remain connected with the recipient device and continue sharing files as long as the interface is synced. This platform work only on same WIFI network.

Is it available for Android?

Android Smartphone

Yes, Snapdrop is easily accessible through internet on every smartphone regardless of its operating system. It works on iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows, etc. Just make sure, the device is actively connected with an internet network and it works hassle free. Infect you can also download their app for android phone.

Do I need to download from Google Play Store?

You don’t need to reach out to Google Play Store or App Store to use Snapdrop. It isn’t an application that needs to be installed. It is an online webpage integrated sharing tool for quick send and receive in schools, offices, markets and hotels. Visit Snapdrop official site and begin using the service. Download their snapdrop app for android phone.

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How to use Snapdrop

Snapdrop is easy and simple to use. It doesn’t require pre-requisites or any training know-how to transfer and share files with your friends. No setup or signup is required. To use Snapdrop, just follow the given steps below as stated.

Visit official site A simple interface of Snapdrop will appear. Here, you will need to make sure the files you are sharing with, his/her device must be connected to the same local network i.e. same Wi-Fi connection. Multiple devices can also be connected and they will be automatically discoverable provided they are connected with the same local network.

A blue round button with a logo resembling either PC or Smartphone will appear. This button usually indicates the recipient’s device i.e. PC, Smartphone, or Tablet. Tap the blue button to start sharing files. Multiple files are also shareable. Remember, you will be given a unique name which identifies device.

In the recipient’s device, a message prompts saying ‘File Received’. Tap either ‘Ignore’ or ‘Save’ button to continue. After tapping ‘Save’ button, the download begins automatically.

If you want to leave a message, just long-tap the same blue button. A box prompts where you can write anything and chat easily.

 Files are shared instantly between two devices. The recipient’s device receives the file upon successful sharing.

Snapdrop Alternatives

There are more than 10 similar alternatives available for different platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, etc. Looking and evaluating all the platforms, we found the best file sharing alternative to Snapdrop is Send Anywhere which is completely free of cost, quick, and relatively simple to use. Remember, all these file-sharing platforms require an internet connection. There is no such application or platform released till now which doesn’t require an internet connection. Looking to share multiple files with anyone without having to get connected to an internet network. The only in-built application i.e. Bluetooth has a relatively lower transfer speed rate. Some of the other alternatives include Sharedrop except few features. It also looks more than like a copy of Snapdrop.

1. Tetily

Tetily is a new platform recently launched. It enables users to share files between different devices without the need to connect any traditional wires or cables. All you need is a network on your both devices. There is no even registration required to use Tetily. Just open up a browser and start sharing. This website also allows peer-to-peer file sharing.

A Glance at Tetily


Send Full Quality Images: Sending images with tetily is much easy. Your images are sent exactly the way it is. Tetily does not convert or shrink the size of images. You get the actual file format and quality of the image how it is.

Quickly drag Images directly to desktop: If you are to receive image vie desktop. You can easily drag the images from Tetily file manager to the desktop. The image you drag to the desktop to save it will remain the same which means the quality of the image is not affected even a little.

QR Code Technology: Connect Tablets and Mobiles using QR code technology in just a click to save your time. You don’t need to work around. You need only camera & browser to establish a connection between 2 or more devices.

Supports Multiple devices: No matter you are on any device as long as you have an internet & web browser you are good to go to start connecting & sharing with tetily.

How Tetily works?

Tetily is a cloud file sharing and transferring website which allows you to share or transfer your files from multiple devices like PC, Desktop, Laptop, mobile, or any other device which has an internet and a compatible web browser. Unlike traditionally when the user needs to transfer files from one device to another device the user required a cable, Bluetooth, or an app. Today with Tetily you don’t need any cable, Bluetooth, or an app. All you need is an internet and compatible browser to share files. So what are you waiting for? when you can share or transfer files more conveniently and save time. Start using Tetily.

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2. Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere

Send anywhere is a cross-platform file sharing web-based application allowing users to transfer files between devices through their web storage using upload and download, also includes a little peer to peer technology in real time with and without cloud storage. It also allows users send files through email.

If you are looking to transfer file between a Mobile and PC. It’s definitely worth it trying and making use of this platform as it is seamless quick and easy to use. Speaking on the compatibility, when it comes to web-based without the need to install any software, the compatibility matches and works with almost all devices having an internet network. So you can easily access it from anywhere just having being connected to the internet.

Send Anywhere is straightforward online application. It can be used from a PC or Smartphone, doesn’t matter. All you have to do is visit the official site Send Anywhere. It has a simple interface, at the homepage left side, Send and Receive boxes are displayed. To send, click on large plus button and to receive, simply enter a unique 6 digit key from the sender.

A unique six-digit code is generated. This unique 6 digit key should be entered in the recipient’s device. Transfer of files begins automatically between the two devices. Apart from this, when you want to share uploaded files with a mass number of people rather in real-time, create a link and download uploaded files countlessly. The created link usually expires within a day or two for efficient use.

Sign-up is required to use the free service instead of entering a unique 6 digit key each time. Create an account using Email or simply continue with Google or Facebook account. Send anywhere offers up to 10 GB free storage for new users. File transfers up to 50 GB are possible and up to 1 TB of paid storage. Send Anywhere created by Estmob is based in Seoul, South Korea. This is also a similar website like Snapdrop to send files.

3. WeTransfer


WeTransfer is a popular file transfer website which allows you to transfer and send files up to 2 GB size. Just upload files and get its link. Share the link and let others download anytime they wish or desire. You don’t need to create an account to transfer files. WeTransfer Pro account allows files as large as 20 GB as well as other benefits. An opportunity similar to snapdrop. You can also try this.

4. Wormhole


Wormhole is another simple and effective website which helps you to securely share files up to a range of 10 GB with end-to-end encryption and links which automatically expires after a certain period of time. Upto 5 GB size of files uploaded will stay maximum for 24 hours on the site’s cloud servers. All you need to do is just upload the file and a link is generated with a click. Then get the link and share to recipient, who can easily get the file downloaded on their device. The shared link expires conveniently after completion of 24 hours.

Why you must use Wormhole? The answer is straight-forward, even the cloud service providers are restricted to get access to your private data. Wormhole is integrated with end-to-end encryption mechanism to prevent any breach into protected confidential data of users. It literally means the data shared through Wormhole reaches exactly to the recipient without turning around. Even, if someone tries breaking into sent data. It’s not possible because the files sent to the recipient are in an encrypted form. So it is completely safe to use Wormhole out of anywhere anytime.

5. Dropbox


Big sites like Google, Apple, and Microsoft have rolled out their own cloud storage and syncing services but Dropbox which has been ongoing since 2007 remains a leader of all till the date. It has remained the best platform to provide users with the convenience to upload files. It’s easy to use, click, reliable and works on all most any platform.

With Dropbox files can be shared via URL just in a couple of clicks or taps from android, IOS, macOS, Windows, Linux and any web along with time limits and password protection can be applied too. Additionally, the recipient can download files even with or without an account. This is not an app or platform like Snapdrop. But is kinda a having few similarities in sending files to other devices.

6. ShareDrop

Sharedrop is another similar website platform like snapdrop which also you can use to transfer files between different devices. The platform has got inspiration from Snapdrop and has many features and functionality similar in many ways. This platform uses peer to peer technology which basically means that your 2 devices are connected without having any server storage. Peer to peer in other word (P2p) is good technology for encryption and security of files. Which means that you and your devices are connected and there is no one else.

To use the platform you need compatible latest browser and thats it. Unlike other apps which require you to first install app and then share files. This platform does not require you to install any apps. You can just smoothly without wasting time and start sharing files. That’s how it works. Just imagine how easy it is.

7. Airdrop

You probably know about AirDrop if you use a Mac or an iOS device. It’s Apple’s simple way to transfer files. While we like the feature, since it makes file sharing between iDevices easy, it’s not without its flaws. For one thing, AirDrop has its fair share of bugs. It’s also only for Apple devices, as you might have guessed

8. SHAREit

In addition to being a fairly popular file-sharing application (with ads), SHAREit also supports almost all major platforms. By scanning a QR code or connecting to a WiFi hotspot that the app generates, you can connect your smartphone to a PC or Mac over the same WiFi network.

Once you’re connected, you can send any file you want, and you can also send multiple files. It doesn’t need an active internet connection and there are no size restrictions. Even though it’s not as simple as AirDrop, it’s great for sharing large files quickly.

9. xShare

Shalltry Groups developed and published XShare – File Fast Transfer. This is one of the fastest file transfer tools in the world, QR codes match the most convenient way of transferring files from your phone. You can download the application anywhere in the world, and it’s only for Android.

You can easily share and receive large videos, movies, pictures, apps, and documents with this app. It’s just a matter of downloading it, launching it on your device, syncing with it, picking all the files you want, and sharing them instantly.

10. Xender

Share Music & Files – Xender is one of the best sharing apps that allows you to share any type of file at any time from anywhere. You can transfer files wirelessly anywhere and anytime, without a network connection, cables, internet, or data usage. The application is made for those who want to share images, music, videos, documents, apps, and a whole bunch of other files of unlimited size.

Like all the other file transfer apps, Xender also works cross-platform. It simplifies connections between your phone, tablet and computer and lets you share files between iOS, Android and Windows. Whenever you need to clean the phone storage, you can view, move, or delete the files you’ve received an event for.

10. Nearby Share

In case you are unaware, Nearby Share is often referred to as Google’s replacement for Airdrop. As of August last year, Google began rolling out Nearby Share for Android devices running Marshmallow and above. It is safe to assume that since Nearby Share is powered by Google Play Services, you will be able to find it on the majority of modern Android phones.

Nearby Share also supports Bluetooth Low Energy, WebRTC, and peer-to-peer WiFi (WiFi Direct). Consequently, you can share files without a Wi-Fi (wi fi) network. See our linked article for more info on Nearby Share for Android. Furthermore, Chromebooks have Nearby Share, so you can transfer files fast.


  • Android phones have it built-in
  • with CleanUI


  • Currently not available on Windows, macOS, or Linux
  • Doesn’t have encryption

11. Elapp

Elapp is a file transfer app with a modern interface and cross-platform support. This one lets you share files across Android, iPhone, Windows, and Mac. To transfer files, you’ll need a Wi-Fi connection. Using Elapp to transfer files between devices from different platforms was seamless. You can only send files up to 100MB with Elapp, so if you want to send big files, find another option. Elap is an also works on any wi fi network. You just need to download their app and that’s it. Unlike Snapdrop draw back which works on same wi fi network, elap works on any internet and different IP address.

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Share files without connecting to an internet network?

Remember, all these file-sharing platforms require an internet connection. There is no such application or platform released till now which works freely on the internet. There is only one in-built application like Bluetooth available in every Laptop and Smartphone. Although, BT technology has a relatively lower transfer rate and commonly isn’t best suited for large file sizes. However, it proves to be cost-efficient, simpler, and easily accessible anywhere at any time.

So what to do, if you are on a travel, in public or in a restaurant or shopping mall. We cannot carry USB cables everywhere if you are supposed to be sharing files on the go with friends or to someone right immediately. All third-party apps require internet connectivity. However, there is still a way for sharing files without internet connectivity and that is a Hotspot connection, this enables every device to upload and share files independently whether it be a PC, Laptop, or Smartphone. A third-party application is mandatory to use a Hotspot connection for sharing files. Popular applications like SHAREit, Zapya, etc. made this possible.

In Google Play Store, download SHAREit. The basic application size is 32 MB while that of Lite is 20 MB.

Frequently asked questions

Does Snapdrop work on other wi fi networks?

Sorry. To use snapdrop you need to be on same network having same IP address to send files or in other words on same same wi fi network.

Is snapdrop similar to apple’s airdrop?

Yes, in many ways snapdrop is similar to the giant app apple’s airdrop which is also used for sending files to other devices and users. This App also required a good wi fi connection.

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